White Ninja loves a fish

What is this??

Based on the highly successful web comic created by Scott Bevan and Kent Earle, White Ninja follows the day-to-day adventures of the intellectually restricted and pain impervious ninja.

His stories involve turtles, peanuts and anything else that operates on the same mental level as he does.

White Ninja is an animated, absurdist comedy that is the first full-length series designed to live on the Vine platform. Each episode finds our hero on a new adventure that combines the irreverence and surrealism of Monty Python’s Flying Circus with the crude, bizarre animation style of Don Hertzfeld.

The series is “gag-a-day” and can stand on it’s own or be enjoyed as you binge watch the entire series. White Ninja is at times poignant, often hilarious and always ninja.

Produced with support from the Independent Production Fund


White Ninja and a big egg